The IRS issued Revenue Ruling 2008-13 to clarify what constitutes “performance-based” compensation under Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m).  This classification is important because Code Section 162(m) generally prohibits public companies from deducting compensation in excess of $1 million to the CEO and certain named executive officers.  If the compensation is performance-based, however, this deduction limitation does not apply.

Under prior guidance, an executive could receive a performance award (either cash or equity) upon involuntary termination without cause, termination for good reason, or retirement, without regard to whether performance goals were actually met. In Revenue Ruling 2008-13, the IRS reversed its position, holding that such an award will not be treated as performance-based compensation under Code Section 162(m). This ruling puts many executive compensation plans and employment agreements at risk in light of the new restrictions on deductions for non-performance-based compensation that exceeds $1 million.

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