Today, in a case closely watched on Wall Street, a federal Jury in New York convicted Raj Rajaratnam, the Managing Member of Galleon Management, LLC, of five counts of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and nine counts of securities fraud, stemming from what prosecutors called "his involvement in the largest hedge fund insider trading scheme in history."

Prosecutors stated that Mr. Rajaratnam received non-public, material insider information through overlapping conspiracies from insiders and others at hedge funds, public companies, and investor relations firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Intel, IBM, McKinsey and others. Prosecutors argued that he then executed trades in the stock of public companies, including Goldman Sachs, Clearwire, Akamai, AMD, Intel, Polycom, and PeopleSupport. The evidence in the eight-week trial included numerous recordings of wiretapped phone calls between Mr. Rajaratnam and co-conspirators (many of whom pled guilty). According to media reports, defense counsel, who argued that Mr. Rajaratnam pieced together information from a variety of sources to reach a decision on investing, plans to appeal.

Each conspiracy conviction carries a maximum penalty of five years, while each insider trading charge carries a maximum of twenty years. Mr. Rajaratnam is scheduled to be sentenced on July 29, 2011.