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Gordon Gekko Is Working For the FBI

This week, the FBI released a Public Service Announcement starring two-time Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas warning viewers of the risks of securities fraud and encouraging individuals who have information regarding insider trading to contact their local FBI Office or submit a tip on line. The PSA begins with Mr. Douglas’s iconic "greed-is-good" speech from … Continue Reading

FBI Releases Its Financial Fraud Report Highlighting Corporate Fraud Cases, As Well As An Increase In Securities And Commodities Fraud Cases

On Monday, February 27, 2012, the FBI released its latest Financial Crimes Report to the Public, which provides a snapshot of the issues on which it has focused. The Bureau stated that in fiscal year 2011, corporate fraud cases resulted in 242 indictments or informations and 241 convictions. During the same period, the FBI’s securities/commodities … Continue Reading

Judge Selna Provides More Guidance in the Carson FCPA Case Regarding the Definition of Foreign Official and Instrumentality

At an in Chambers hearing on February 16, 2012, Judge James Selna issued an Order in U.S. v. Carson, addressing the jury instructions regarding the terms "foreign official" and "instrumentality." In doing so, Judge Selna rejected a number of the proposed instructions submitted by the defendants, sticking closing to the list of non-exclusive factors he identified … Continue Reading

Another Expert Network Insider Trading Case: John Kinnucan Is Charged By Prosecutors and the SEC Nearly 15 Months After He Refused To Cooperate and Wear A Wire

On February 17, 2012, both the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the SEC announced that they had brought charges against John Kinnucan, the President of Broadband Research Corporation, for insider trading. The criminal charges allege that he tipped clients regarding three companies, while the SEC’s civil case, which also named … Continue Reading

Government Dismisses All Charges in FCPA Sting Case

In a Motion filed this morning, the Government moved to dismiss with prejudice the Superseding Indictment against the remaining defendants in the FCPA Sting Case. In doing so, the Government cited the two mistrials, as well as the acquittal of three defendants, and other rulings in the case.… Continue Reading

Portfolio Manager at Whitman Capital, LLC Charged in Insider Trading Cases Related to the Galleon Management Cases

On Friday, February 10, 2012, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the SEC announced charges against Douglas F. Whitman, the head portfolio manager at Whitman Capital, LLC, related to alleged insider trading. It is claimed that Mr. Whitman’s friend and neighbor, Roomy Khan, provided Mr. Whitman with the same information … Continue Reading

Government Dismisses Remaining Charges in O’Shea FCPA Case

On Thursday, February 9 2012, prosecutors filed a motion in federal court in Texas requesting that the remaining charges against John O’Shea be dismissed. On January 16, 2012, the Court dismissed the FCPA charges against Mr. O’Shea, leaving one count of conspiring to violate the FCPA, four counts of money laundering and one count of … Continue Reading

English Medical Device Company Smith & Nephew plc and U.S. Subsidiary Settles FCPA Investigations With the SEC and DOJ

On Monday, February 6, 2012, the SEC and DOJ resolved their respective investigations with a medical device company and its subsidiary by entering into settlements stemming from alleged bribes paid to doctors in Greece for more than a decade. The U.S. subsidiary, Smith & Nephew Inc., agreed to pay a $16.8 million fine as part … Continue Reading

Jury Foreman in the FCPA Sting Case Speaks

For those readers of the blog who are litigators or follow litigation issues, today’s post from Professor Mike Koehler’s FCPA Professor Blog has a real treat: a guest post from the foreman of the recently concluded trial in the FCPA Sting Case. The foreman provides a detailed description of the issues considered by the jurors … Continue Reading

Corporate Defendant in “Perfect Hedge” Case Settles Insider Trading Charges With SEC and Enters Into a Non-Prosecution Agreement With U.S. Attorney

On Monday, January 23, 2012, the SEC announced that Diamondback Capital Management LLC ("Diamondback"), the Stamford, Connecticut-based hedge fund named as a defendant in the SEC’s insider trading case last week (as discussed here), has agreed to settle charges with the Commission. Diamondback will pay more than $9 million as part of the settlement, which … Continue Reading

“Perfect Hedge” – Criminal and Civil Insider Trading Charges Brought Against Seven Investment Professionals

Today, federal prosecutors and the SEC named seven fund managers and analysts as defendants in an insider trading scheme based on nonpublic information about Dell’s quarterly earnings and similar inside information regarding Nvidia Corporation. The U.S. Attorney called the trading in Dell shares the "largest insider trading scheme involving single stock charged to date." Three of … Continue Reading

Judge Dismisses FCPA Charges Against John O’Shea

On Monday, January 16, 2012, Judge Lynn Hughes granted defendant John O’Shea’s motion for acquittal in the FCPA case, dismissing the FCPA charges case against him. According to a Press Release from defense counsel, Judge Lynn Hughes "found that the Government’s chief witness, … could not tie Mr. O’Shea to the alleged crimes. The judge found … Continue Reading

The FCPA Sting Case – Judge Leon Denies Motion For Mistrial, In Effect Ruling That Evidence Admitted Under the Now-Dismissed Conspiracy Count Did Not Cause Sufficient Prejudice to Merit a Mistrial

On Monday, January 9, 2012, Judge Richard Leon, who had already dismissed the central conspiracy count against six defendants in the FCPA Sting Case, was faced with an interesting question: if the conspiracy count was dismissed for insufficient evidence, should the trial continue when much of the evidence the Government has offered was based on … Continue Reading

SEC Changes Settlement Policy Impacting the “Neither-Admit-Nor-Deny” Standard in Cases With Parallel Criminal Proceedings

According to media reports, the SEC decided last week that it will no longer allow defendants who plead guilty in criminal proceedings to settle parallel civil charges with the Commission by neither admitting or denying the allegations. At the present, the policy shift applies only in those cases where there has been an admission of … Continue Reading

Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Based on Definition of Foreign Official in O’Shea FCPA Case

On January 3, 2012, Judge Lynn Hughes denied defendant John O’Shea’s Motion to Dismiss the Indictment against him. Mr. O’Shea’s Motion, which was filed in March 2011, argued that the Indictment failed to alleged that he bribed a "foreign official" because it only alleged that he bribed employees of a state-owned entity. Judge Hughes’ decision … Continue Reading

The Justice Department and the SEC Bring Charges Against Former Siemens Employees and Agents For FCPA Violations

On Tuesday, December 13, 2011, the Department of Justice and the SEC brought charges against a group of former employees and agents of Siemens AG for FCPA violations based on an alleged decade-long scheme to bribe senior Argentine government officials to secure, implement and enforce a $1 billion contract with the Argentine government to produce … Continue Reading