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SEC Dismisses Insider Trading Administrative Proceeding Against Rajat Gupta, But Reserves Right To Sue Him In Federal Court

The SEC and Rajat Gupta have agreed to settle their dispute regarding the forum in which they should litigate the allegations of insider trading by the former Goldman Sachs director by dismissing the pending actions against each other. Specifically, the SEC has dismissed its Administrative Proceeding against Mr. Gupta alleging insider trading and the parties … Continue Reading

SEC Chairman Schapiro to Congress: We Cannot Complete Our Duties Under Dodd-Frank Act Under Existing Budget

On Thursday, July 21, 2011 (the first anniversary of the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act), SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs regarding the Commission’s efforts to fulfill its responsibilities under the Act. During her testimony, she advised the Committee that "the new responsibilities assigned to … Continue Reading

SEC Adopts Final Whistleblower Rules

At an open meeting on Wednesday morning, the SEC adopted final rules to implement Section 922 of the Dodd-Frank Act regarding securities whistleblower incentives and protection. One of the significant highlights of the final rules is that the Commission has sought to struck a compromise between the importance of the corporation’s compliance programs on the … Continue Reading

Can Dodd-Frank Act Provisions Be Applied Retroactively? The SEC Moves to Dismiss a Complaint on That Topic, Arguing That the Issue s Not Ripe

In March 2011, an individual accused of participating in an insider trading scheme filed a Complaint against the SEC in federal court in New York, arguing, among other things, that the SEC should be enjoined from retroactively applying the provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act in an administrative proceeding against him. On Friday April 1, 2011, … Continue Reading

In Report to Congress, Independent Consultant Recommends Improvements For SEC, But Warns More Funding Will Be Needed, Too

On March 10, 2011, the Boston Consulting Group ("BCG") submitted a Report to Congress examining the internal operations, structure and need for reform at the SEC. As part of its work, BCG reviewed extensive documentation and conducted over 425 interviews. The Report (available here) recommended a series of initiatives designed to optimize the SEC’s resources, but … Continue Reading