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Jared Klaus is a partner in the firm’s Litigation Department, focusing on complex commercial litigation. His experience includes all facets of complex litigation – from discovery to motion practice, as well as trials, arbitrations and appeals.

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World’s top banks plead guilty to gaming foreign-currency markets

Scandal roiled the banking industry Wednesday as four of the world’s largest banks — Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland — pleaded guilty to federal antitrust violations for conspiring to manipulate foreign-currency markets over the course of several years. The scheme involved collusion by traders at the various banks to fix the … Continue Reading

A compliance problem truly “Made in the USA”

Following the expiration of a public comment period last week, the ink is now dry on the Federal Trade Commission’s consent decree against Made in USA Brand, LLC, settling charges that the Columbus, Ohio-based company sold its “Made in USA” certification label to product-sellers without making any attempt to verify whether the companies’ products were … Continue Reading

Feds Announce Indictment Against SAC Capital Advisors

Federal prosecutors and the F.B.I. today announced a criminal indictment against SAC Capital Advisors, the embattled hedge fund managed by billionaire Steven Cohen, based on an alleged broad conspiracy to commit securities fraud through insider trading. The indictment against the hedge fund itself — as opposed to its employees — could have disastrous consequences for … Continue Reading

Second Circuit Holds Statute of Repose for Securities Claims Cannot Be Circumvented

The Second Circuit’s holding in Police & Fire Retirement Sys. of City of Detroit v. IndyMac MBS, Inc., Nos. 11-2998-cv(L) & 11-3036-cv(CON), 2013 WL 3214588 (June 27, 2013) confirms that Section 13’s three-year statute of repose is indeed iron-clad. The case originated as a putative class action brought against IndyMac for fraud in the sale … Continue Reading