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2013 Proxy Access Proposals

2012 was the first year that shareholders could take advantage of SEC rules that allow shareholders to submit proxy access proposals to adopt proxy access provisions in a company’s bylaws. Prior to September 2011, Rule 14a-8(i)(8) allowed a company to exclude a shareholder proposal that related to the company’s director election/nomination procedures. The SEC proposed … Continue Reading

SEC Finalizes New Proxy Access Rule

Earlier this week, the SEC finalized a new proxy access rule for 3% shareholders (or larger) that was first proposed over a year ago. Proxy access refers to the right of a shareholder to use the company’s proxy statement to solicit votes for a nominee for the board of directors. Prior to the new rule, … Continue Reading

SEC Investor Protection Measures

The SEC is pursuing a slew of investor protection measures: In public remarks earlier this year, SEC Commissioner Elisse Walter and Chairman Schapiro expressed support for say-on-pay proposals. Officially, the Staff does not object to say-on-pay resolutions in proxy materials if non-binding and advisory. On May 20, 2009, the SEC voted to solicit public comment … Continue Reading